Wednesday, 23 May 2018 09:43

Money Spider Credit Union

Money Spider Credit Union is a not-for-profit company that provides straight forward financial services for people living or working in South Derbyshire and East Staffordshire. They are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

They aim to provide local saving, loans and free budgeting advice for our members. We are run by our members, for our members.

Members are encouraged to save for the future, and receive a dividend on their savings.

Credit Unions are a fantastic community asset as they are a financial co-operative run by members, for members. Unlike Banks, there are no shareholders to pay, so all the profits come back to the members. There are no hidden costs, and no transaction fees - income generated by lending helps to meet operating expenses.


Monday, 21 May 2018 09:42

Walk To School Week

This week is walk to school week and here on CommunitySpaceBook we're supporting anything that gets people out of their cars and into their walking shoes!

 Did you know that walking can:

  • Lift your mood - walking helps lift depression
  • Help keep you slim - walking is a good form of exercise which is lower impact than running and therefore suitable gor most people
  • Help you to destress by removing stress hormones from your body more quickly and helping you clear your mind
  • Boost your bone strength as it is weight bearing exercise which helps you keep bone density
  • Help your social life - yes you're more likely to meet and speak to people if you get out and walk
  • Help the environment - no burning petrol or diesel for short journeys
  • Be a lot cheaper as it's completely free! 
Friday, 18 May 2018 09:22

Darwin Dogs

Darwin Dogs provide dog training to clients with mental health conditions, who have their own dog and can demonstrate a need for specific training, tailored to their individual needs, conducted in their home or other location considered to be safe. Each client's dog is trained specifically for them, to give them increased confidence, comfort and companionship. The dog can be trained to be better behaved, easier to handle or to perform special tasks, whatever the client will benefit from them doing.

They train two categories of dogs, depending on the owner's needs and the dog's abilities.

If an owner has a diagnosed disability, and they and their dog are capable of making the grade, they can qualify them as an Assistance Dog partnership. As an Assistance Dog the dog is allowed access to many more places than a pet dog and are covered by the legislation in the Equality Act 2010, where it states that a disabled person has the same rights to services as a non-disabled person. 

The Assistance Dog programme can be a long and arduous process and some clients may feel that it is too much for their needs. In those cases there is an alternative - to train their dog to be a Canine Personal Assistant (CPA). Some dogs haven't got the temperament or ability to qualify as an Assistance Dog,  but they can still be highly trained dogs, suitable for their owner's needs, and they too would be classed as CPAs.

CPAs are not Assistance Dogs and have no extra rights of access than a normal pet dog has. In fact it is an offence to pretend or imply that a CPA is a full Assistance Dog.

Further details of the marvellous work this group does is on their website.


Thursday, 17 May 2018 09:22

Tam O'Shanter Urban Farm

Situated on Bidston Hill on the Wirral, the Tam O’Shanter historic cottage and free urban farm is run by a charitable trust with the aim of providing an enjoyable and educational experience for kids and adults alike.

Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm is open every day except Christmas day from 9.30am to 4.30pm and entry is free, though donations  are very welcome!

The Farm is home to a variety of farm animals, including pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and geese. It’s a great opportunity for children of all ages to meet and learn about farm animals up close.

Why not pop along for a visit?

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 09:54

EXTEND Exercise

Movement to music for older and less able people.

If you are looking for an exercise class, but the usual active class is not suitable, then why not try an EXTEND Exercise class?

EXTEND Exercise has many teachers who hold classes throughout the UK, in a number of settings. The classes are growing in popularity throughout the UK, particularly as people are now living longer and want to maintain a good level of personal fitness well into their later years. EXTEND Exercise is an excellent choice of affordable exercise for people with a disability and the older person to challenge their fitness levels, from the very active to the not so active.

Whether you are recently retired or determined to improve your fitness level, EXTEND Exercise can help you to acheive this. EXTEND Exercise classes will always contain 20 minutes of seated exercise, but do not be discouraged as seated exercises can be very active. You will be very surprised at just how much active exercise can be performed whilst sitting in a chair.

Our qualified EXTEND Exercise teachers are trained in a unique way to make exercise fun but at the same time safe. Therefore, reducing the symptoms of age related conditions and improving mobility for those who have disabilities.

Please click on the Classes by Region tab in the website for a list of classes in your area.

For teachers:

EXTEND Exercise offers Training for Teachers who would like to be able to design Exercise to Music physical activity programmes or to offer Chair Based Exercise classes for older adults and disabled people .

They are always looking for more teachers to join their organisation and support the delivery of exercise sessions for the older person and those with a disability of any age. For further information about training courses and how to become an EXTEND Exercise teacher please visit the website.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 10:53


The Ramblers is a charity whose goal is to protect the ability of people to enjoy the sense of freedom and benefits that come from being outdoors on foot.

They are an association of people and groups who come together to both enjoy walking and other outdoor pursuits and also to ensure that they protect and expand the infrastructure and places people go walking.

On the national website you can use their search tool to look for groups, walks or events near you. You can look for easy, short walks close to you to get you started.   What a great way to try out walking in a group and making new friends - go on and get involved!

Friday, 11 May 2018 11:30

Incredible Edible Barnet

They're growing fruit, veg, herbs and flowers in community spaces around Barnet. Come grow with them! Their aim is to increase the amount of food grown in public places around Barnet and have started two plots but hope to find other spaces soon.

Picture herbs growing on your train platform so you can grab a handful on your way home from work or medicinal plants growing in front of the health centre. Whether you're an experienced gardener or first time grower, if you want to get involved please get in touch - details on their facebook page.

Thursday, 10 May 2018 13:47

Your Ideas

Your Ideas are a Non Profit making organisation who work with young people and other members of the community and whose purpose is to allow all members of the community to identify projects or initiatives that will improve the quality of life for the community as a whole.

They deliver a very varied programme to ensure each individual is given enough time and support. Their activities and projects are very hands on and practical, often art based or working out in the community with local residents.

They create an environment with the young people who they work with that is appropriate to them, so that they feel comfortable and a valued part of the project. A lot of their work is done with vulnerable and or hard to reach groups or individuals who are experiencing difficulty in their lives.

Their website contains details of groups and activities together with links to further support, advice and information sources for parents.


Wednesday, 09 May 2018 12:58

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is part of the influential UK-wide partnership of 47 Wildlife Trusts. The Trust has worked for more than 50 years to protect wildlife and wild places, and educate, influence and empower people. They manage 44 of the best sites and help others to manage theirs. Their work is helping to secure the future of many important habitats and species, which might otherwise be lost.

In only the last few years, the Trust has:

  • Embarked on an ambitious Living Landscape scheme across more than 8,000 ha of land in the Gowy & Mersey Washlands.
  • Worked tirelessly to secure a future for water voles, dormice and protect the last remaining home of the small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly in Cheshire.
  • Become a leader in conservation grazing land management techniques throughout the north west with herds of Longhorn and Dexter cattle and Hebridean sheep.
  • Continued to restored and maintain some of the last remaining meres, mosses and lowland raised bogs in the region.
  • Raised awareness of gardening with nature in mind through Wildlife Friendly Gardening Scheme.
  • Enabled hundreds of volunteers to take positive action for their local environment.
  • Advised landowners on how to manage their land for wildlife.
  • Campaigned successfully for wildlife-friendly development that has a net benefit to biodiversity.
  • Inspired children with natural play and wildlife watching.

They see the future of wildlife conservation as a Living Landscape - by identifying key areas to protect for wildlife, improving and joining them up across the county in partnership with other land-owners they can create an inspiring, accessible landscape which is full of wildlife and rich in opportunities for learning and sustainable economic development.



Friday, 04 May 2018 11:08

Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary

The Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit making charity based in East Sussex rehoming or providing permanent refuge for abused, abandoned and unwanted animals. They operate a no destruction policy.

Barby Keel founded the Animal Sanctuary in 1971.  The Sanctuary provides a refuge for lost or rejected animals and fowl of all kinds and try to find permanent and loving homes for the animals, when possible.  

Animals which can't be re-homed for any reason are given a permanent home at the Sanctuary.  All the animals receive medical treatment when necessary and all are spayed or neutered. 
Volunteers are always welcome, whether you would like to volunteer at the sanctuary or help out with fund raising or at the shop.  Please see the website for further details.



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