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Walk To School Week

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This week is walk to school week and here on CommunitySpaceBook we're supporting anything that gets people out of their cars and into their walking shoes!

 Did you know that walking can:

  • Lift your mood - walking helps lift depression
  • Help keep you slim - walking is a good form of exercise which is lower impact than running and therefore suitable gor most people
  • Help you to destress by removing stress hormones from your body more quickly and helping you clear your mind
  • Boost your bone strength as it is weight bearing exercise which helps you keep bone density
  • Help your social life - yes you're more likely to meet and speak to people if you get out and walk
  • Help the environment - no burning petrol or diesel for short journeys
  • Be a lot cheaper as it's completely free! 

So now you've read all these why not put a little more walking into your day?  Leave the car at home for short journeys and see if you can find more ways of getting walking into your life.

And why not try something a bit more adventurous?  What about joining in with a local walking group for some company and support?

Here on CommunitySpaceBook last week we featured the good work done by the Ramblers.  On their website you can use their search tool to look for groups, walks or events near you. You can look for easy, short walks close to you to get you started and then progress to more ambitious walks.


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