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Living Lightly

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So today I'm thinking about how I can live more lightly on this planet.  After all there is only one planet Earth and rather a lot of us humans.  In the week where we celebrate World Earth Day, I'm considering my use of plastic. This is quite topical at the moment and so I'm reviewing the small choices I can make to reduce my use of plastic items and packaging.

As you can see I eat porridge oats for my breakfast, so I've decided to swap my supermarket for this purchase.  As you can see, my previous Morrisons oats come wrapped in an unrecyclable plastic bag, whereas the Lidl equivalent comes in recyclable paper. Don't worry I go past Lidl anyway, so not making an extra journey and the price of my breakfast will be the same.  If you're listening Mr Morrisons - use less plastic! 

So that's my small step, what will yours be?

Perhaps some of our lovely CommunitySpaceBook groups can give you some ideas on living more sustainably.

Sound Bites is an independent ethical wholefood shop and not-for-profit workers co-op, specialising in a wide range of vegetarian, vegan foods and free from foods – many of which are Fairtrade and/or organic. If you live near Derby, then why not visit?  Items you might want to consider include cruelty free body care products and eco friendly household and cleaning items.

Perhaps you might like to consider using your library? I can't think of a better sustainability model than using a public or community lending library.  Sadly, due to funding pressures, library services across the country are being reduced or closed.  The good news is that some communities have fought hard to save their community library, libraries like the Garden Suburb Community Library which was saved from closure in 2011 and continues to serve its local community with the help of volunteers.

Perhaps there's a recycling project you'd like to set up but want to brush up on some skills first? The Goodlife Centre is an independent learning space situated near Tate Modern, Central London. They offer practical boutique workshops in DIY, Home Maintenance, Decorating, Upholstery, Woodwork & Carpentry, Furniture Upcycling & Restoration and various traditional hand Crafts.

If you're interested, Earth Day 2018 is celebrated this Sunday 22nd April, you can pop over to their website to find out more at Earth Day.

Things I’m doing? Well, swapping out my oats shopping of course and I'm off up to my community library later. One small step at a time.

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