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Tackling Loneliness - One Group at a Time

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The Government have published their new  strategy for tackling loneliness. Interested readers can read it at A connected society: A strategy for tackling loneliness.  

The strategy discusses the negative impacts of loneliness which is being recognised as one of our most pressing health issues.  Loneliness affects people of all ages, with up to 18% of UK adults feeling lonely often or always.  

Here at CommunitySpaceBook we see it as our mission to connect community groups and people which brings many community benefits but especially in reducing social isolation and loneliness for individuals. 

As the strategy recognises, there is no quick fix to the problem of loneliness, but everyone can play a part in increasing connectedness - the feeling of being part of a community that cares.

CommunitySpaceBook supports buddying, befriending and joining in by opening up opportunities to get involved with local community groups and by supporting community spaces that provide facilities for those groups to meet.  We encourage our readers to actively support, donate and volunteer.

We're great believers in getting involved and not waiting for Government to fix things.  After all, actively being part of our community is what makes our social ties stronger and reduces loneliness. Join us on our journey by browsing our site, commenting on our blog and joining in with one of our groups.

Together we can tackle loneliness - one group at a time.


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